Our Story

LearnFreely is a not-for-profit organization created with a clear mission: to offer accessible support to help high school students succeed and prepare them for university. Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, our dedicated team of university students shares a passion for helping students achieve their goals. We are committed to realizing our vision by providing free tutoring services that foster long-term academic growth and development to our students. 

Our organization operates on a volunteer basis, offering not only tutoring but also serving as a valuable post-secondary preparation program. We teach essential study skills and effective learning methods that have applications beyond high school, equipping students for success in higher education. LearnFreely provides tutoring for a wide variety of high school courses, including all STEM subjects, as well as most AP and IB. Additionally, we offer virtual tutoring options to accommodate those who prefer or require remote learning.

Our Process

Our continuously expanding pool of tutors comprises highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that we can provide you the best possible experience. If you are interested in becoming a tutor with us, you can apply through our ‘Application’ page, where you will find more information under ‘Information for Tutors’.

For students who wish to be tutored, the process begins with filling out a form, also available under ‘Application’. This form will require the students’ general information and request a ‘Focus Course’. The ‘Focus Course’ will be instrumental in determining your assigned tutor and the subject that will be studied most extensively in your sessions. While your tutor may offer assistance with non-focus courses, it is neither guaranteed nor an expectation. This approach is designed to encourage long-term academic development which highlights the importance of the ‘Focus Course’ as it aids in the cultivation of essential, transferable study habits. 

Is LearnFreely Right for You?

While additional information can be found under our designated pages, prospective students may consider the following questions to determine whether our program is the right fit for them:

  1. Are you only looking for a quick study session before a test or exam?
  2. Are you looking solely to improve your overall average?
  3. Are you looking for extensive tutoring for all your courses?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is possible that LearnFreely may not align with your immediate goals:

  1. LearnFreely’s mission is to foster continual learning experiences aimed at developing fundamental learning skills and habits, rather than temporary ones. Long-term experiences have a significantly greater impact on growth than short-term ones.
  2. We believe that LearnFreely students should aim to cultivate their learning skills and fundamental knowledge, which in turn, will improve their grade, rather than solely concentrating on elevating their numerical grade.  
  3. By teaching general study habits and skills for a specific subject, students should be able to apply these skills across various disciplines, thereby enhancing their overall understanding and academic performance.

However, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at: info@learnfreely.ca for any inquiries or to further discuss your specific needs.