Join the Team

Are you interested in making a lasting impact on the younger generation while also gaining valuable volunteer experience? If you’re a university student with a passion for education, LearnFreely is the ideal platform for you! Our team comprises talented university students from diverse backgrounds, providing you with a welcoming community where you can easily find your place.

We eagerly invite all students who wish to showcase their academic prowess and support our tutees in developing effective study habits, learning techniques, and foundational knowledge for both their current and future education. 

Sound Interesting?

For those of you who are interested, we kindly invite you to explore our “About Us” and “Information for Students” pages to gain a comprehensive understanding of our program from both perspectives. From the viewpoint of a tutor, LearnFreely offers a unique opportunity to guide high school students towards success in their upcoming years, whether they plan to attend university or not. 

Think back to when you were graduating, about to step into a new and potentially bewildering world. It can be challenging to present your best self in such a transition. Our mission is to ease this pressure through a deeply personalized semester-long mentorship, where you take on the role of the mentor.

Before proceeding, please be aware that we are referring to a full high school semester, which may differ from a post-secondary semester. Ensure that you can commit to this timeframe before applying, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at Moving forward, you can submit your application through our application page or by clicking the button at the top of your screen.

The application form will request general information and details about the subjects you wish to tutor. Each student will select a “focus course” to prioritize during the semester, and you will be paired with a student based on their chosen “focus.” Throughout the semester, you will work closely with your student, imparting effective study habits, fostering deep comprehension skills, and nurturing general problem-solving abilities. Our mission extends beyond merely boosting a student’s grade, and we encourage you to have a broader goal in mind. We aim to empower the student’s skills to the point where our assistance is no longer required, and they can thrive independently.

While our preference is to start the mentorship at the beginning of a given semester, don’t hesitate to apply at any time. We are constantly seeking new tutors and would be delighted to collaborate with you! Once again, you can reach us at, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!